Current Events Assignment

1.  My article is about the San Bernardino shootings.

2.  I got this article from Fox news.

3.  The title of my article is: The lives cut short: Victims of the San Bernardino massacre

4.  On Thursday the names of those who died Wednesday night were released.  The 14 victims were enjoying a county health department banquet when a heavily armed man and woman burst into the room.  The gunman knew at some of those he mowed down since he worked for the same department.

5.  This is a very saddening event.  I can’t imagine what their families are going through.  It’s awful that innocent people died.  All they were doing was having a normal Christmas party.

6.  This will definitely impact the world.  There is already a lot of gun control debate, and this will add too it.  With all the shootings lately, there will be change.  Most likely, we will have stricter gun control.  If people would just be civil, guns wouldn’t be a problem.

Current Events Assignment

1.  My article is about Facebook’s success.


2.  I got this article from Fox news.


3.  The title of my article is:

Facebook Now More Valuable Than GE, Amazon


4.  Facebook is now the 6th largest company in the world.  There is also a good future for the company.  The company also has a market cap of over $370 billion.


5.  This sort of affects me.  I use facebook occasionally.  It is a great way to keep up with my family and see what people are up to.  I am glad this site isn’t going anywhere for a while.


6.   This affects the world because many people use it.  In addition, businesses rely on facebook.  They use it for advertising.  It is also a great way for people to communicate.  In addition, it can be used for political campaigning.

Current Event Assignment

1. My article is about a 9 year old boy that died during football practice.


2.  I got this article from Fox News.


3.  The title of my article is:  9-year-old Ohio boy dies during football practice


4.  On November 2nd, a 9 year old boy died at football practice.  He was found unresponsive by a coach after running sprints.  When the medics arrived, CPR was preformed on him but he died later that night.


5.  This is very saddening.  I can’t imagine how bad his parents feel.  Also, I am sure that the coaches feel responsible and are wondering if they wouldn’t have pushed him too hard that he may still be alive.  It makes me concerned because conditioning is a part of every sport, and I don’t want to die without any warning after running one down and back too many.  I hope that his family and friends are okay.


6.  This can have an impact on the world.  Lately, there have been more deaths than ever during sports practices.  Many parents and members of the communities are going to start getting concerned about their kid’s safety.  This could cause debate, but some beneficial research could be found to possibly stop the deaths that keep happening.  Although I am sad for the boy, I do hope that the world could learn from him and figure out how hard you can physically push athletes until it becomes too much.


My article: